My next project. Am finally going to commit myself to writing the ” Complete History of Ultramarathons in Australia” . Will cover from the 1800s to today and all forms of the sport. It may end up as massive type, please visit ” King of the Peds” book or much smaller in size. Either way , I believe we are ready to have the sports history recorded in print form. The next 13 months will be spent in research – seeing what I have and plugging the information gaps . After that – the writing ! I am aiming to be finished and printing by Dec 2018. Have some good people who are going to advise me when necessary. Going to be scary but fun. I hope people will like the end result.

Welcome to the Page Everyone , please visit from time to time.  Will be putting up updates and the occasional new story that wasnt known.

Regards – Phil Essam

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